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Classic WoW Gold-An Overview 

Lets face it, without being able to effectively make gold in WoW, you are getting the short end of the stick. Without gold, you will have difficulty purchasing the weapons you want, will have trouble leveling as quickly as you would like, and will have trouble acquiring items that you need to progress through the game. In other words, without gold in WoW you will not have much fun. However, there is good news. The good news is that it is possible for everyday Warcraft players to make decent gold with simple WoW gold tips, and I am going to share a few such techniques.Have a look here The #1 site for Vanilla WoW Gold.

The main technique to making decent gold is to know the best places suitable for making the kinda coin that makes it worthwhile. There are several places where you can make some gold but only a few that are actually worth spending any considerable amounts of time with. Below you will find two WoW gold tips with the best places that I have found to make decent WoW gold.

The first place is the eastern part of Western Plaguelands has a great area for making gold. This area is called Weeping Cave and is very easy to make gold via recipe drops. The way you go about it, is to kill the mobs from the area and gather the recipe drops. They are worth a ton in the auction house and can have you making a considerable amount of gold for relatively little effort.

The second place where you can make some decent coin is in the north west Plaguelands in Scarlet City. You can make a considerable amount of gold off the Spell Binders. Also, like in Weeping Cave you can collect a lot of recipe drops and be off at the auction house making a killing!

These two techniques have made me some decent gold and definitely make playing warcraft a lot more fun as I am able to do most of the things that I want to. There are many other simple WoW gold tips like these that can be found in guides all over the web. The best advice I can offer is that it is a good idea and you will have much more fun playing WoW, if you learn some WOW gold tips and take advice from people that been doing it a while. Start making some decent gold and start enjoying World of Warcraft again.